About Us

Many of us vape or know of someone who vapes. Vaping has become the new ‘in thing’ and you can barely walk down the street without seeing someone vaping. So why still turn to boring old smoking methods when you can replace tobacco filled tubes with a better alternative, Vape! That is exactly what we, the Vape Faculty, offer, Affordable Change! Relinquish a flavourless smoking experience and replace them with the exciting flavours that we offer. The Vape Faculty was founded on the basis of providing people with an affordable alternative to tobacco products. The Vape Faculty brings to you great quality and reasonably priced international and local vape products. We stock disposable vapes, MTL and DTL vape liquid as well as Vape Devices, tanks, pods and accessories. Take the plunge and contact us at The Vape Faculty for any wholesale or retail requests