Oxva Xlim SQ pro pod kit

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The OXVA XLIM SQ enters the PRO generation with its new exterior design, more power, and larger battery. A 0.96-inch color screen and a variety of options for pod (XLIM V2, Top Fill, and Pre-fill Cartridge) enhance your X-treme vaping experience with vibrant visuals.


Continuing the highly leak-resistant design of the XLIM Series, the XLIM SQ PRO Kit ensures a worry-free vaping experience. You can vape with confidence, knowing that your device is designed to minimize leaks and spills.



✅1/30W Max Output Power

The maximum power can reach 30W with 0.4Ω top fill cartridges.


✅2/0.96" TFT Color Screen

Featuring a 0.96-inch TFT(Thin Film Transistor) color screen and customizable themes for an enriching visual vaping experience.


✅3/Optional Dynamic Themes

Personalized customization with three dynamic themes to showcase your unique style.


✅4/1200mAh Built-in Battery

The enhanced 1200mAh battery ensures longer vaping sessions and lasting performance without frequent recharging.


✅5/XLIM Series Cartridge Compatible

Perfectly compatible with all XLIM Series Cartridges, including XLIM V2, Top Fill, and Prefilled Cartridges.


✅6/Highly Leak-resistant

Continuing the highly leak-resistant design of the XLIM Series for a worry-free vaping experience.


✅7/NicSalt & Freebase Compatible

Compatible with both freebase and nicsalt E-liquids with a range of pod resistance options (0.4/0.6/0.8/1.2).


✅8/Smart Mode & Power Mode

Whether you're looking for automatic power matching or manual power adjustment, both of these modes can meet your needs.


✅9/8 Colors Available

-Black Carbon、Gold Carbon、Bronze Wood (New)、Gunmetal Wood(New)、Spring White、Pastel Pink、Mauve White、Gentle Blue