Slick Grape Longfill Kit

Slick Grape Longfill Kit

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SLICK ZERO Includes:


  1. Open lid of the flavouring bottle
  2. Pour Vegetable Glycerin into flavouring bottle
  3. Open lid of the Nicotine bottle
  4. Pour both Nicotine & Vegetable Glycerin into Flavouring Bottle
  5. Close Lid of the Flavouring bottle
  6. Shake Flavouring bottle well before use.


The OG Slick! We took the classic purple grape vibes and gave it some vooma and bam! Slick Grape!


Not for sale or to be used and handled by persons under the age of 18.

Through purchasing and utilizing this product, you hereby acknowledge it should be handled with care, using the correct safety procedures. This product is used at your own risk.

Do not ingest, keep away from eyes, avoid contact with skin. Always use (nitrile) gloves and PPE when handling this product. Highly addictive substance. Keep away from underage persons, pregnant or breastfeeding women, animals or pets.